Determining the Consumption Pattern
For a house-wife, it is very difficult to identify the market disruption and consumer analytics. Big companies are spending a huge sum to understand the customers buying pattern and their preferences. They collaborate with the market dynamics and accordingly plan their product, but being a housewife, you cannot do so. You have to have a different paradigm for the same. The best would be word-of-mouth-analysis. You, as a house-wife can create pre-sales strategy and determine the product accordingly. Supposedly, if you want to get into the pickle and food catering business, you can easily identity the need by roaming about in the market. If your house is near to schools with students coming from other towns and cities, it would help you to easily grow your business. You can opt for online platform and make your own website to sell your food online.

How Do You Market Your Product?
Now, if you have planned to run a mess or pickle selling business, you can easily know about the performance of the product by marketing it for the first time. In the initial stage, you cannot straightway jump to conclusion and hire a digital marketing agency. The best would be to go with fliers and pamphlets, you can physically drop them within the vicinity of your area and find out the response. If the response if good, you can go to the next level.

Create an Online Presence
Now, you can create your online presence once the response is good. You can have your website designed and the domain hosted. If, your tiffin/mess business is able to harbor considerable chunk of audience through physical marketing to support your marketing budget, you can go to the next level and start digital marketing with full might. Effective digital marketing agencies would help you develop the right strategies and implement them in your business. With the right approach and productive insights, you can easily expand your business.

Incorporate Reviews
When you are into the food business, the reviews and customer response will matter a lot. Incorporate reviews and create a separate section in the website for blogs. In the blogs, you can share information about nutritious food and how you can make them happen with your business. With the right planning, you would be able to redeem yourself as an entrepreneur pretty soon.